Serving Justice for Carroll County

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Haven Shoemaker

Defending Our Families
In and Out of the Courtroom

Endorsed by Sheriff Jim DeWees

Endorsed by NRA in 2018 with an "A" Rating

Haven will:

Bring His Experience to Bear…

Haven has successfully practiced criminal law for nearly 30 years, and has been a conservative, law and order champion for our community as Carroll County Commissioner and State Delegate.

To Keep Us Safe

Haven has always and will always make our safety his top priority. He will continue to fight side-by-side with law enforcement and help ensure that the brave men and women who protect us have all the tools they need to keep Carroll County the safest county in Maryland.

By Fighting Crime

Unlike Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore City, Haven will take his oath to uphold the law seriously, and prosecute all offenders equally.

And Locking Up Lawbreakers

Haven believes in the common-sense approach to deter crime - Don’t Do the Crime if You Can’t Do the Time! Break the Law and Go Directly to Jail!

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State's Attorney

Tuesday, June 28, 2022